migrate from continental drift


Everything known to us as technology that makes things work for example is manufacture of made up by a coil, that makes the system work, transformers have coils, speakers have coils, cooking stoves have coils, seashells snail shells shape coils , formulated to amplify the sound of the coils . I can relate how these things work is just exactly the same as a galaxy; and then the middle there’s a black hole, around the Galaxy is centered in the middle. the black hole is exactly how the coil spins in the same direction. From the outside planet is the stars of the galaxy spiral towards the middle in the center the black hole same as a coil.

Imagine the fact of the interest of our people from history times. When somebody puts a Seashell to there ear, it all started when Somebody thought it was a coil

Now I write as my commonsense study of my surroundings from my recent life experiences my feelings see a struggle of society from us bottom regular life lived civilization. Yes is so important as our life is cause and effect from the richest people and government as part of our worldly life tree, connected to the bottom comes us regular life people. Leading to people on our streets. All woven connections we all are each us human are the out come results from the most powerful people in our life. People need to Retire; they cant, they struggle to live in a life when they can never make enough money due to a hard life they can’t enjoy. The word love, relax, retire, your looked after, new generation of the world nations. It’s a hard life for us.

Yes love dose exist, I walk 5000 miles and search and migrate from continental drift . Our future comes from the newborns with new families that enter the world every day. Be the best you can and learn more about all of our people on this planet. One of my favorite quotes from the movie Kung Fu Panda 2 are ( I’m gonna need a hat) , ( inner peace inner peace inner peace).

Here’s a song/poem I made

I conduct with my music beat of the multiple ; double time now . Ready my life music battle I don’t kill, I kill the bill. Pill pill pickled in a jar. watch our cinema that we spin our earth song the other way, we have life circle try cycle we ask hold our hands this is our time , you have a sword in the form of the music from your mouth your guns tones undone . Lets go I got my heart accept my heart hit me I will not fight the end is wen I give up. future . I love

Let my heart shine . I revert my great power to love all


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